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Rose City Golf Course Clubhouse - National Register of Historic Places
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About Rose City Golf Course

Below is a timeline of major landmarks and events of Rose City Golf Course. We have tried to include interesting developments for our course but have most likely omitted some that have occurred. As we learn more we will update this page. If you have information, photos, or stories about Rose City Golf Course, please share them with us by sending them to

Rose City Timeline

1910– The land developed into the Rose City Golf Course began as a racetrack, the Rose City Raceway.
race trackrace track 3race track 2

1921– The final event for the raceway was a staged steam locomotive collision.

1921– Local resident, A.H. Gould, looking for a location to hit golf balls, sees the unused racetrack as an accessible area for golf. After setting fire to the grass filled speedway, Gould and others lay out an informal 9 holes inside the speedway and begin playing golf at Rose City.

1921– Rose City Golf Association formed with the intention of encouraging the City of Portland to convert the property to an official golf course.

1922– Rose City Golf Association holds a meeting with the purpose of forming a permanent Rose City Golf Club.

1922– Portland landscape architect, George H. Otten, presents his design plans for the first 9 holes. Construction begins in the spring of 1922.

1923– First 9 holes of Rose City Golf Course formally opened in May. With the success of the course, the City of Portland acquired the Rose City Golf Course. Due to the increased popularity the city acquired additional land to construct holes 10 through 18. The back nine holes open for play in 1927, Rose City became the second municipal course established in Portland and Oregon.

1925– With the purchase of additional acreage for the course back nine, serious efforts to build a clubhouse began.

1928– Rose City Golf Course sets record high for city golf courses, selling 144,501 tickets.

1927-1929– Numerous efforts to fund, design and construct the Rose City Golf Course clubhouse stalled.

1929-1931– The city repeatedly tries to fund the construction project, but due to the deep economic depression funding recreational facilities was a low priority. A plan was developed to fund the project without taxation by issuing $18,000 in public utility certificates. After six months of trying to sell the certificates, the city was finally successful in November, 1931.

1931– Herbert A. Angell provides design drawings for the Rose City Clubhouse. . English Cottage-inspired clubhouses, such as the Rose City design, offered comfort and amenities to customers that were not generally available to public course golfers. His design reflected elements going beyond a golf-only structure, such as a prominent hearth and large rooms, that emphasized the dual role of the building as one for the golfers as well as accessible to anyone, provided they could pay the greens fees.

1931– September, B.T. Allyn was awarded the contract for the construction of the Rose City Golf Course clubhouse with a winning bid of $20,250.

1931-32– New Clubhouse was constructed and opened, Herbert A. Angell, designer and architect. A grand opening was held in April to commemorate the completion of the long awaited clubhouse. The Oregonian reported that the benefit of a new clubhouse would guarantee to set new attendance records for the course and the city.
Old Club houseclub house picclub house pic 2club house pic 3

1935-1938-Federally funded projects at Rose City Golf Course:

1935-36– Works Progress Administration (WPA) Project No. 353 to grade and construct new greens.
wpa construction

1937– WPA Project No. 1457 to trim trees, remove brush and rocks, fill holes, and convert selected unlandscaped
areas to fairways and greens.

1938– WPAProject No. 1747 to “improve greens, clean and grub fairways, construct new greens, water line, rock walls and rock curb, widen and resurface road, remove and plant trees, shrubs and other pertinent work.”

1936- Green fees for Portland municipal courses were $.30 for nine holes on weekdays and $.35 on weekends. Season tickets for the 3 municipal courses could be purchased for $30. Lifetime memberships to play golf at any municipal golf course sold for $100.

1943– 1st Rose City Amateur Championship winner- Sid Berner

1948-1st Rose City Women’s Amateur- Gracie DeMoss

1952– 1st Meier and Frank, Portland City Best Ball Championship, Roy Atkins and Ed Vandenberg

1956– 1st City of Portland Father and Son Tournament, Frank and Jerry Cundari.

1958-1970– Interior alterations of the clubhouse included upgrades to plumbing and electrical systems, floor coverings and alterations to the floor plan. The kitchen is upgraded to a more cafeteria-like space, with tray rail for lunch trays. Presumably, the stone hearth, brick fireplace and the exposed beams were covered during these renovations.

1985– The course was remodeled, including new lakes built as hazards and new greens and tees built for several holes.

2003-2007– Extensive upgrading of irrigation system, including a water hazard on the front nine that acts as a holding/settling tank for well water used to water the course. A new green on the fourth hole adds 50 yards and new challenges to the hole. Mounding was added around existing greens and new tee boxes were constructed for several holes as well.