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Rose City Golf Course Clubhouse - National Register of Historic Places
Yardage Guide

Rose City Yardage Guide

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Hole #1

This medium length opening par 4 features the only fairway bunker on our course. A tee shot to the right center of the fairway sets up a second shot into this green. Shots too far right off the tee or towards the green create challenging recovery shots through the line of pines along the right side of the hole.

Hole #2

An elevated tee box has your tee shot playing down into the fairway. Trees left and right along the fairway will challenge wayward drives. Your approach shot goes back up hill to the green, playing one club longer than the yardage indicates. On this green it is good to be below the hole.

Hole #3

The only par 5 on the front nine, this hole is reachable in two for long hitters. With everything falling to the right on, a tee shot down the middle can leave you the best angle to a green guarded by trees, short and left, and a greenside bunker, right front. A second shot that leaves you a short iron into the green may be the smart play.

Hole #4

A short par 4 with the newest green on our course. Long hitters go for the top of the hill leaving a short wedge into the green. For most players a tee shot to the right center of the fairway will leave you with an open shot into this green. A large bunker protects the left side of the green. Take an extra club into this green, especially to a back pin position.

Hole #5

Water on the left defends this par 3. Shots to the center of the green will leave you with a chance for birdie. Long right creates a very challenging recovery shot.

Hole #6

This hole is fairly straight and long. Playing slightly uphill to the green, take at least ½ club more than the yardage indicates. The green has an inverted plate design, which creates challenges when reading your putts. A left front or left back pin position requires your attention on the green.

Hole #7

Another medium length par 4, this drive requires more accuracy than length off the tee. Trees left and right narrow the landing area, right center is the ideal target for your drive. Bunkers front and left protect the green, there is a bailout area to the right of the green. Check your yardage, the uphill approach can play longer than it may look.

Hole #8

The longest par 3 at Rose City, this hole may require a driver in some conditions. The green is a fairly narrow target with a bit more room to the right than to the left. When the conditions are firm a short approach may roll onto the putting surface. Hit to the center of the green. 3 is a nice score on this hole.

Hole #9

Close your front 9 with the longest par 4 yet. A strong drive to the left center of the fairway opens your viewto the green. The water is a concern for big hitters off the tee and to everyone else on the second shot. Tee shots well right can present the golfer with the challenge of a high shot over trees or a low shot through the trees back to the fairway.

Hole #10

The opening hole on the back nine is a par 5 that gives long hitters the opportunity to go for the green in two. A water hazard down the left off the tee is in play on #10 and #11. A tee shot in the left center of the fairway puts players in prime position. Pin position on this deep, two tiered green may change how players approach this green. When the pin is back on the second tier, approaching from the left side of the fairway or the front of the green is ideal.

Hole #11

Another par 5 that can be reached by long hitters. The trees on the left and lateral hazard on the left seem to squeeze the fairway, but there is ample room in the landing area for your drive. A tee shot in the left center of the fairway gives you a clear look at the green.

Hole #12

At just over 200 yds. from the back tee, look at the middle of the green as your target. Bunkers short right and trees and mounds on the left will challenge your short game with wayward tee shots. This is another hole where par is a good score.

Hole #13

This tree lined, medium length par 4 will challenge your accuracy off the tee. Right of center off the tee will help you avoid the trees at the inside corner of the dogleg. Drives left or right in the trees often mean a punch-out shot to get back into position on the hole. Longer tee shots with a right to left shape can bring the ball around the corner, leaving a short iron into the green.

Hole #14

A short par 4 that is begins the turn back towards the clubhouse. A driver may not be the club needed off the tee here. A dogleg left, there is a pond down around the corner that you cannot see from the tee box. A straight drive to the right center of the fairway will leave a short iron into an elevated green. Left of this green will put you in a very challenging position. This green has as much slope as any on our course.

Hole #15

This short par 3 can be deceiving. The severe slope from back to front places the importance of being below the hole for your putts. Bunkers short and left make a short left pin position the most challenging on this hole.

Hole #16

Our final par 5, this straightaway hole moves gradually uphill to the green. Two large firs seem to grab any ball slightly off line here. A tee shot left of center is ideal, opening a line for long hitters to go for this green with their second shot. This is a two tiered green that is deeper than most of the greens here. Most putts will break away from the ridge that is to the right of the green.

Hole #17

Stay focused for these final two holes, they are two of the best two finishing holes anywhere in the area. Two beautiful firs guard the right edge of the fairway from the tee. A drive in the center will fall to the left on the sloping fairway. The long, uphill second shot will play longer than the yardage indicates. Left of this green falls off sharply, leaving a very difficult pitch to the hole. Putting from above the hole on this green can test the best of putters.

Hole #18

This finishing hole requires a strong tee shot to what looks like a very small landing area. There is a lot of room past the large fir tree in the right center of the fairway. A drive that works from left to right is the ideal shot for this hole. Once past the tree you still have work to do with a long shot to a green protected with mounds to the left and bunkers on the right. If you cannot reach this green in two, leave yourself a good yardage for your approach and hit it close!